Improve Your Vehicle's Cooling Performance With TSD-Heat Dispersant Coating.

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Heat Dispersant Coating For Intercoolers, Radiators, Oil Coolers, etc

TSD Coated EVO

TSD Coated Intercooler

Improve Your Vehicle's Intercooler Cooling Efficiency Note the color white on the coated intercooler.

GFB Respons TMS Blow Off Valve

GFB Respons TMS T9000.

Endless Brake Pads

MX72 Brake Pads

UltraRacing Bars

Improve Your Vehicle's Handling With UltraRacing

KW Suspension

Are You Looking For A Cost Effective Suspension Solution?

Are You Looking To STEP UP From Your Vehicle's Current Suspension Setup?


KW coilovers are available through us. Please go through the sections  on the left on our website to understand the KW principle and technology involved. Please view the KW website first to check vehicle availability and if your vehicle model is  available, contact us for more details.

Coilovers are also available under the ST Brand. These coilovers have galvanised strut housings with KW Internals. This is ideal if stainless steel strut housing is not required. The Price Point For ST Brand is comparable to cheaper brands available on the market.

Note that all coilovers will require Low Volume Certificate.


Lowering to your demand and high quality components for a long life

Unlike traditional standard- and sports suspension solutions, KW coilovers have an adjustable spring seat. This allows lowering via a trapezoid thread.

Another difference to the conventional series strut is the longer suspension travel, this is achieved by using shortened coilover strut housings. Therefore even at maximum lowering, the remaining spring travel is not affected.

Continuous lowering

The lowering of a KW coilover kit has to be adjusted at the front axle directly at the 100 percent corrosion-resistant KW stainless steel strut after the McPherson method of construction while the kit is installed. Through the dirt-resistant trapezoid thread and the long life polyamid collar, the adjustment is easy to make, even after years.

With the adjustment technology used by KW that works even under spring preload. Depending on the vehicle type, the level control of the lowering at the rear axle occurs either directly at the strut after McPherson method of construction (for example Subaru Impreza); or via the KW rear axle height adjustment which is made of polyamid, at the spring retainer. Also here, the lowering can be adjusted via the coilover spring perch quick and easy when the kit is installed


KW dampers and KW springs

A coordinated unit for a sporty driving experience. High-quality components, a vehicle-specific damper manufacturing and damper setup as well as many years of experience in development of suspension kits for the international motor sport is what the KW damper technology characterizes.

The KW coilovers for road vehicles are built after the successful twin-tube damping principle which is also often used for active regulation series suspensions. With twin-tube dampers, the piston housing (inner tube, also called rebound housing) and the differential housing (outer tube) are put together.