Improve Your Vehicle's Cooling Performance With TSD-Heat Dispersant Coating.

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Heat Dispersant Coating For Intercoolers, Radiators, Oil Coolers, etc

TSD Coated EVO

TSD Coated Intercooler

Improve Your Vehicle's Intercooler Cooling Efficiency Note the color white on the coated intercooler.

GFB Respons TMS Blow Off Valve

GFB Respons TMS T9000.

Endless Brake Pads

MX72 Brake Pads

UltraRacing Bars

Improve Your Vehicle's Handling With UltraRacing

Adrenalin R Muffler

All ADRENALIN R mufflers offer the following benefits over and above any imported or locally made mufflers:

Completely made from 100%commercial grade Stainless Steel, no other grades or materials used inside!

Unique fitting kit allowing for easy weld free DIY fitting!!

Louvre Baffle and 3 stage sound barrier

  • Adrenalin R patented louvre baffle based mufflers have been a real hit giving what some engine tuners believe is the edge over the competition. The AdrenalinR edge!!
  • These baffles offer reduced noise levels over the conventional designs by disrupting and dispersing soundwaves before they reach the Db meter. The results are, lower Db reading and an increase in flow through the spiral turbo effect.
  • Every single muffler Adrenalin R fabricate utilizes Adrenalin R 3 stage sound absorbtion methodology which consists of tightly wrapping the baffle in exhaust grade stainless steel wool, ceramic matting and a layer of tightly woven needlemat fibreglass blanket.
  • The stainless wool breaks up soundwaves and creates a barrier preventing the packing from breaking up and exiting the rear of the vehicle prolonging the life of each and every muffler.
  • The ceramic matting absorbs noise and heat preventing the fibreglass turning back to glass.
  • The needlemat fibreglass blanket acts as the final noise insulator which results in quieter, deeper notes singing from the rear of your vehicle.

Perforated Baffle design

  • Adrenalin R perforated baffle design is based on BMW’s race exhausts which is made to decrease resistance for those wanting uninterrupted high flow exhausts for race applications.
  • These baffles are made in-house with specialised tooling in their turret punch so they can be made to suit your application. Whether it be 1 ¾” or 4” baffles Adrenalin R will have you covered.

Torque Chamber Design

  • These muffler types are specifically designed for rotary, v6s, v8s and any other naturally aspirated vehicles.
    Note: they do not work for turbo vehicles as the back-pressure can cause damage to the turbo.
  • The chamber deepens the exhaust note while slightly increasing the back-pressure for a balancing effect on the incoming air/fuel mixture and the exhaust gases leaving the vehicle resulting in a better performing vehicle.
  • They can be used in oval mufflers in order to offset the inlet/outlet decreasing the costs spent on bends while enhancing the performance of your vehicle.

Superior construction

  • Adrenalin R muffler bodies are embossed which adds significant strength to the muffler, eliminating unwanted resonance to provide an improved tone with a deeper note. The solid construction is more resilient to the rigors of daily use and scrape damage is minimized by their unique mounting strap design.
  • AdrenalinR Performance Mufflers have spotless consistent welds, Adrenalin R utilize Automated Welding Technology for superior welds.

Superior construction

  • AdrenalinR Performance Mufflers have spotless consistent welds, Adrenalin R utilize Automated Pulse TIG Welding Technology for superior welds. Please note the rolled tip design does not allow for fitting of Adrenalin R removable silencer designs.

Customised to suit

  • Adrenalin R know that not all vehicles are created equal so they offer a variety of sizes which they can customise to suit your application. Whether it be at the track, strip, oval or getting legal on the road, Adrenalin R will have you covered. Adrenalin R factory is the leading performance muffler manufacturer in the country with all Adrenalin R own in house machinery  and offers an extremely quick turnaround time, just ask! These Mufflers are:
    • Performance enhancing
    • Totally robust
    • Made to world standards in the highest quality
    • New Zealand made

ADRENALIN R mufflers are supplied with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE. No other muffler in the world is offering that.

  • Admire at the quality and workmanship

  • Listen and enjoy the sound experience