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Race UnderWear - Walero

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About Walero

Walero, based in Cambridge – Europe’s technology hub – is a company that is constantly striving to supply motorsport with the most technologically advanced FIA approved underwear possible. Not willing to accept the norm, Walero has used NASA technology to develop the most advance motorsport racewear on the market.

Walero’s temperature regulating baselayers, come from a desire to protect drivers from the strains of racing whilst at the same time provide a boost in performance.

With an acute understanding of physiology, Founder, CEO, and Racing driver, Fiona James, is all too aware of the strain that motorsport puts on a driver. The physical effort of racing, the heat of the cockpit and inadvertently insulating safety wear that drivers wear can be a dangerous cocktail of factors. So, Fiona set herself the challenge: to find a solution to the heat stress, fatigue and drop in performance suffered by drivers due to heat. From this, Walero was born.

The FIA states;

“When central body temperature reaches or exceeds 37°C, the driver may experience muscle fatigue, lapses of concentration and even loss of consciousness. In cases of intense heat, the wearing of a cooling garment could help to keep the central body temp below 39°C.”

Well, now there is a solution – Walero racing baselayers.

By using the same ‘Outlast’ technology used by NASAWalero baselayers actively regulate your body’s core temperature to within safe levels. Reducing heat stress, fatigue and ultimately giving higher levels of performance through increased reaction times and concentration. Independent test results also show a reduction in heart rate and in perspiration, which can drop by over 8% and 30% respectively.

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