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1) What are the applications of TSB BN on my car?

It can be applied to any surface on your car that requires heat exchange or will benefit from better thermal management. Most common places being radiator, intercooler, oil cooler, oil pan, transmission, AC condenser, brake calipers, engine block cover, turbo and pipings

2) Can it be applied on all surfaces?

All surfaces can be applied EXCEPT for silicon and rubber. Effect will depend on thermal conductivity of the surface.

3) Is it poisonous or hazardous?

No it is chemically inert and not poisonous. When applying, please ensure you are in a well ventilated area and wear gloves when applying the product.

4) Can it be peeled off or scratched out?

No. Once it has been applied, it is resistant to scratches and peeling. It will even resist peeling after it has been water blasted.

5) Will better results be achieved if I spray more?

Yes you will get better results but there is an efficiency threshold where applying more layers will yield marginal improvements in comparison with cost of coating. In most cases no more than 3 layers is recommended.

6) How long will the coating last?

It will last a life time and does not require re application unless it has been chipped off.

7) How do I remove the coating?

You can remove it by using petrol based solvents or sand blasting.

8) How you know if you are using the real thing?

Refer to the original packaging from TSD that is white with corresponding markings that are either RED or BLUE that identify the grade of coating. The fake coating will peel off or rub off easily. The genuine product will bond with the surface and resist peeling. The fake coating also does not provide any thermal management properties.