Improve Your Vehicle's Cooling Performance With TSD-Heat Dispersant Coating.

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TSD Boron Nitride Introduction

TSD Coated EVO How TSD Works TSD Coated Examples TSD Coated Intercooler TSD Coated Gearbox TSD Coated Subaru Intercooler

TSD Coated EVO

How TSD Works

The Blue Layer Is the TSD Coating

TSD Coated Examples

TSD Coated Intercooler

Note The Color White On Coated Intercooler

TSD Coated Gearbox

TSD Coated Subaru Intercooler

HEAT is the biggest enemy of your car when it comes to performance. This is especially true for cars with forced induction (turbo or super charged). As air is compressed, it becomes hot, and hot air is less dense meaning less oxygen. With less oxygen, the engine is not able to generate as much power as it would if the air temperature is cooler. This is where TSB BN Thermal coating comes into play. TSD BN Thermal Coating is a revolutionary thermal efficiency coating; that helps to improve heat exchanger efficiency. Where TSD BN is applied, it will help to reduce the internal temperature by 5% to 20% depending on the thermal conductivity of the surface.

* Note that the amount of temperature reduction would depend on factors such as air circulation, thermal conductivity of the surface.


This product is different from a thermal barrier coating as the purpose of this product is HEAT DISSIPATION.

This product enhances internal heat conduction and the heat is dissipated to the outside environment ambient temperature.

Key Characteristics of TSD Boron Nitride are:

  • Reduce temperature range between 10C°~30C° (this is dependant on application type)

  • High thermal conductivity

  • Increase performance and reliability using thermal management

  • Withstand up to (200°C~1500C°) - This is dependant on the version used. Please see application section on the left menu.

  • Increase air-to-surface cooling areas

  • Non-wetting surface

  • Good chemical inertness

  • Corrosion resistance

  • Oxidization resistance

Benefits Of Using TSD Boron Nitride Are:-

  • Lowers intercooler intake temperature. With lower intake temperature, you will gain horsepower and torque.

  • With lower intake temperature, a quicker and more responsive acceleration.

  • Lower engine oil and water temperature when coated on oil coolers and radiators.

  • Better thermal control on transmissions.

  • Reduce component fatigue from the heat cycling process.


How Does TSD Work

Coolers greatly benefit with TSD Boron Nitride thermal coating. The coated surface formed a unique layer of BN plates as you can clearly see from the bottom illustration.  The fins on fins easily increase over 50% of air-to-surface contact areas to expose to cooler air flow.

The blue layer is the TSD Coating

The above is an illustration on how it increases the 'air to surface' area on a microscopic level. If you think about this on a microscopic level on an intercooler, you can see how much it increases the 'air to surface' area. When sprayed on a smooth surface for example an intercooler, the coating will feel slightly rough due to the increase of the surface area as illustrated above. It is this surface area increase and the thermal conductivity of Hexagonal Boron Nitride, which helps improve cooling efficiency. Think about how a heat sinks works and what is the purpose of the fins on the heat sink. This is similar concept as the slight roughness is like the fins on a heatsink.

A Pail Test Demonstrating TSD Coated VS Non Coated

Left Pail With TSD Coating displaying 59.1°C vs Right Pail Non-Coating displaying 65°C after an elapsed time

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This product has been featured on the popular Japanese Tunning Magazine Option2.

TSD Is An Unique And Is A Special Purpose Formulated Product, Which Is HEAT DISSIPATION And Should Form Part Of Your Cooling Upgrade Plan Regardless If Your Vehicle Is For The Track Or Street.

Below is a picture of Leith Jepsen, who competes in the GTRNZ series. He has coated TSD on his intercooler, radiator, oil cooler and other various components.

Please click on the link to read about his experience with the product. Click on the link to read more and it will take you to web archieve of the page as he is no longer racing -LJ Racing.

Data Logging was done on an intercooler coated with TSD. Please click on the link below:-

Evolution Motorsports TSD Datalogging

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