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TSD Application

TSD Coating Applications

TSD Coated EVO How TSD Works TSD Coated Examples TSD Coated Intercooler TSD Coated Gearbox TSD Coated Oil Pan TSD Coated EVO-Radiator And Intercooler

TSD Coated Applications

TSD Coated Intercooler And Radiator
TSD Coated Gearbox
BMW N54 Oil Cooler

Thermal Conductivity Comparison

TSD is an UNIQUE and SPECIAL PURPOSE FORMULATED product which is HEAT DISSIPATION.Ask yourself this question: In Order To Improve Your Existing Intercooler, Radiator or Heat Exchanger Efficiency To Gain Better Cooling Performance, Efficiency And Improve Thermal Management Of Your Components, what is the power increase ,torque, reliability and better thermal management of components worth to you?

If you would like to coat a certain component instead of buying the whole can, this can be done as well. For a standard SUBARU WRX Factory OEM intercooler, it is $85 inclusive of gst if you live in Auckland. Please contact us for further details.

The Product Has Been Packaged In An Aerosol Can For Ease Of Application . By putting it in an aerosol can:-

  1. You are able to DIY easily
  2. Spray on large components such as gearbox housings 
  3. No requirement to clean up once you are done.

COUNTERFEIT ALERT: The counterfeit coating will peel off or rub off easily. The genuine product will bond with the surface and resist peeling. The fake coating also does not provide any thermal management properties.

WARNING : Please Familiarize And Read All Instructions And Warnings On The Can Before Use

Please KEEP Away From Reach Of Children.

Contents Of The Can Is FLAMMABLE.

Please contact us for pricing if you wish purchase large quantites ie-Automotive Car Clubs For Group Buy Inquiries Are Welcome.

For fleet vehicles or industrial applications, please contact us for further information and pricing. We welcome all queries.

If you are taking part in Motorsports, Motorsport Pricing Is Available. Please contact us for more details.


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